GB piatti textures 350x350GB-piatti-textures-350x350_H
GB arredo textures 350x350GB-arredo-textures-350x350_H
GB disegni textures 350x350GB-disegni-textures-350x350_H
GB gioielli textures 350x350GB-gioielli-textures-350x350_H
GB sculture textures 350x350GB-sculture-textures-350x350_H
GB design textures 350x350GB-design-textures-350x350_H
GB agoefilo textures 350x350GB-agoefilo-textures-350x350_H
I find that the following all come together seductively: the mind, the soul, and her hands, which indulge in the natural flow of artistic creative expression.
A chemistry in which the human essence, shapes and colours overflow as a female mystery that thrills and fascinates.
Sabine… a penetrating spirit, free and lively, capable of embracing each daisy in her wide inner meadow. Sabine, or female-ness in action.
Valeria Petrelli